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Using a baseball swing before your shot can help you make more solid contact.

Carol Preisinger

Hitting a solid golf shot requires the arms to extend through impact, much like the feeling of extension when swinging a baseball bat. Trying to scoop or lift the ball will result in topped, thin shots and bent elbows, leading to the dreaded chicken wing.  

To avoid this tendency, it can be beneficial to think about swinging a baseball bat — and even taking a few baseball swings! — before hitting your shot. Here’s how to do it:

swing drill

This drill will improve your swing path and produce more solid contact


Mark Hackett, Top 100 Teacher

Instead of making a typical practice swing before your shot, grip the club and hoist it up over your trail shoulder, as if you are ready to hit a home run. Make a baseball swing and focus on the feel of the arms extending and rotating. Then, address your ball as usual and do your best to repeat that feeling of extension through the ball and toward the target as you take your real swing.

If you can execute the feeling correctly, as the arms extend, the trail forearm should rotate over the lead arm. This allows your hands to square or close the club face, much like hitting a top-spin tennis shot. In fact, if you slice the ball, it’s also beneficial to think of making a top-spin tennis shot motion as you swing through the ball. Let the arms rotate as they swing, and you will hit it straighter in no time!

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