Cast Versus Forged Irons

Besides the putter, the irons are the most frequently used clubs in a golfer’s bag. Having the proper set of iron is very important to getting the most out of your game. One decision that must be made it whether to use forged irons or cast irons. What is the difference and what are the benefits of each type?

Cast Irons

In the casting process, a mold is made of the club head. The metal is heated into a liquid and poured into the mold. After it’s set, the head is removed, finished and shaft added to finish the club.This process can quickly produce large quantities of clubheads.

One of the benefits for the club maker is that they can tinker with different types of clubhead features and shapes. Many cast irons feature perimeter weighting with a cavity back head with wider soles to change the center of gravity. The designs of the cast irons typically enhance ball speed, higher launch, added distance and increased forgiveness.

With the vast majority of irons on the market being cast, these clubs are suited to golfers of all skill levels. Since the casting process is quick and versatile, clubs can be produced to fit the needs of all golfers, whether beginner or professional.

Forged Irons

These irons are made using a single piece of steel. The difference is that the steel is not heated until liquid and poured into a mold, but only until bendable. It is then pressed out into the shape of the clubhead. Forged irons require more work, such as buffing, ground, and hand detailed before shafted. The process is extremely more time-consuming.

Players who use forged irons typical love the feel and feedback. They are also extremely appealing to the eye, often featuring blade or muscle back shapes, compact sizes, and smooth lines. In addition, they are easy to adjust in terms of lie angle and loft. Another benefit is the ability of a smaller clubhead to control the ball.

The forged irons are typically best suited for the more advanced player who can shape the ball in both directions. Even though forged clubs are still forgiving, players can certainly feel mis-hits and off-center strikes. For players that can make consistently solid contact and want greater ability to control flight path, the forged irons are a great choice to add to your bag.

Both the cast and forged irons can make a positive impact on your game, so long as you know which is best for you. Head to your local pro shop and search all the top brand names for the irons that will take your game to the next level.