Golf Training Aids

Golfers of all skill levels are looking to for ways to improve. There are numerous training aids with claims to increase distance, reduce slice, improve putting accuracy, and more. Some of these training aids fail to live up to the hype, while others really can help a player significantly improve. Here’s are some of the top new training aids on the market.

SuperSpeed Golf Training Set

This training system is designed to help players increase clubhead speed.  It was developed with over two decades of experience in both the golf and fitness industries.  SuperSpeed Golf is used by more than 700 Tour Professionals and is designed for players of all ages and gender, including long drive competitors.

The SuperSpeed Golf Training includes three weighted clubs and online video instruction.  Out of the box the three golf shafts are of varying color with a grip on the butt end.  One club is a bit heavier than a standard driver, and two clubs are lighter. The training system works from the light to heavy weighted clubs. After sufficiently warming up, swing the lightest stick as hard as possible a few times on each side.  Club head speed will increase by up to 5 percent in six weeks, based on data from thousands of users that strictly follow the system.

Use the training aid 10 minutes a day, three times per week. There are five levels to work through with different drills and repetitions to constantly challenge the body and the ability to increase speed. The set basically works off muscle memory, therefore, the more time dedicated, the more permanent the results will be.

Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat

Endorsed by former number one player in the world Dustin Johnson, this mat is great for helping players get better speed control.  The mat comes in three parts. The first is the mat which is attached to the wooden end with two holes, a wooden backstop and slats that from a channel for the ball to return to the player.  Numerous lines on the mat help with both alignment and path of the putting stroke.

The mat can be used at home, office, or while traveling. It is designed with a one-of-a-king Crystal Velvet material to a roll true to a regulation putting green.  The alignment “train-track” guarantees a straight back and straight through stroke.

While some aids are suited only for right-handed players, the mat can be used by left-handed players comfortably. The markings on the mat are at 2-foot increments with total length of the mat at 8 feet.

The goal of the designers of the mat is to improve the play of every player, whether a beginner, weekend hacker, or tour professionals.

Golf Training Aids

SKLZ Grip Trainer

The SKLZ Grip Trainer created muscle memory for proper hand positioning and grip. This is crucial and a perfectly neutral grip is perhaps the most important aspect of the golf swing.

The grip trainer is easy to attach to clubs from driver through wedge. This is small enough to keep in your bag and is ideal for practice on the range before or after your round.

For a very reasonable price, the SKLZ Grip Trainer helps keeps hands in the proper position not only during the swing but into the follow through. The only drawback is that the trainer is only designed for right-handed golfers.

Golf Training Aids