Golf Driver

Adjustable Loft Drivers

Gone are the days when needing extra launch meant buying another driver with extra loft. With modern technology, the majority of drivers on the market today are equipped with forms of adjustability. Customized weighting and adjustable hosels are ways that technology can improve your game off the tee.

But what is an adjustable driver? It’s simply a driver that you can adjust loft, lie angle, center of gravity, and more with the use of adjustable hosels or varying movable weights.

Make Your Adjustment

An adjustable hosel allows you to decrease or increase the loft to allow for the desirable ball flight. Increasing the loft will slightly decrease the face of the driver, while decreasing the loft will slightly open the face. In addition to changing the loft, some adjustable hosels allow you to change the lie angle, which can promote a fade or more powerful draw. A variety of drivers have adjustable weights that can be positioned in such a way as to promote a lower or higher ball flight. Moving the weight forward assists in a lower, more penetrating ball flight with added roll. If you need higher carry, adjust the weight back for a higher launch. In addition, certain drivers allow weight to be moved to the heel or toe which promotes a draw or fade.

Players who don’t strike the ball consistently off the face of their driver will benefit from an adjustable driver. Be honest about your game and what your misses are. Perhaps you struggle to get the ball airborne. Maybe you hit the ball too high, ballooning many shots. The technology available for today’s drivers will help correct those miscues, providing more consistency off the tee. Hit the ball solidly, but struggle with a hook? Find a driver that allows you to move more weight to the toe of the clue. This will promote more of a fade. Do you have the reverse problem and hit a dreaded slice? Move the weight more towards the heel to promote a draw. If you are a more accomplished low-handicap player, then maybe you don’t need an adjustable driver. All of this technology sounds good on paper, but how does it translate on the course for the average player? Adjustable drivers certainly work as long as they are used correctly. In addition, a player must be reasonable and not expect an adjustable driver to cure a bad swing.

Nothing is better than a good, sound, consistently repeatable swing. The idea isn’t to adjust on the fly from round to round or hole to hole. Generally, an adjustment is to help correct one glaring consistent miss with your driver. Certainly, give an adjustable driver a try if you are consistently mishitting your driver. It will help your game!